Sunday, January 12, 2014

Shark Week

Mother Nature Sucks

Alright girls, this one is for you. For most of us over the age of 11 or so, the crimson tide comes along every once a month. It sucks for everyone, just in different ways for each of us. Speaking personally, mine sucks a lot. The symptoms change every time, and so do my moods. Mood swings, for me, tend to be pretty mild. But this time? No such luck. They reared their ugly heads with a force. Usually, these posts are philosophical and deep. But today, we're getting into more normal issues for every woman.

I am yet to meet one woman who actually enjoys getting their periods. Everyone I've spoken to has said nearly the same things over and over again. "This hurts, how can I bleed this much, everyone sucks, men suck, I hate being a woman, and (my personal favorite) why couldn't I have been born a boy?" My complaints usually are the third and last. But hey, it's different for everyone.This month, as I mentioned before, my mood swings went crazy.

Mood swings can be relatively manageable....IF you're alone with absolutely no other living beings around you. However, my fiancé was in the firing range this time and let's just say it didn't end very well. Unfortunately, I wasn't smart enough at the time to realize that I was having a mood swing and continued to talk with him and every little thing got to me. It wasn't even his fault yet, somehow, at that time everything was. Continuing to put yourselves in that situation is going to lead nowhere but a fight (as my fiancé and I discovered last night).

SERIOUSLY girls, when you start feeling like everything is bugging you and nothing is going right? STOP TALKING TO EVERYONE AND JUST BE ALONE FOR A BIT. That little tip right there will do you wonders if you follow it. It's going to save you a lot of annoyance, fights and hurt feelings of whoever you're speaking to. I woke up this morning feeling like the worst person in the world because of how I acted last night. I blew up for no reason, at absolutely everything my fiancé said on the phone and he did nothing wrong. Girls, save yourself and your soldier's feelings and just GET OFF THE PHONE.

And guys, if you're even reading this, if a girl seems extremely upset and annoyed and she starts getting really upset for no reason? She's probably having a mood swing. Either nicely suggest you two talk later, or let her get off the phone with you if she says she has to go. Don't question anything and don't get upset; that will only make things worse. You may not have done anything wrong and most likely, its not even you. But just understand that while you're being fired at, your girl doesn't mean to upset you or be a raging rhymes with witch.

Bottom line everyone? Periods suck A LOT. Girls, we all know this and chances are, unless you're just starting out or on REALLY strong birth control, this is a really normal thing for you. And guys? If you're in a serious relationship with a woman, just learn to get used to this because until she's pregnant or in menopause (which are both worse), this is going to happen quite a bit. But, once it's done, you'll both have three weeks of semi-normality.

Anytime this happens in the future, for both parties in the relationship, calm down and take a deep breath and just keep reminding yourself why you're with the person in the first place. You love one another and the other person is an amazing person despite the monthly hormone monster that may peak out of that sweet person you're used to seeing. Hang in there girls and guys, at least you're not suddenly expecting another child in your lives (if you weren't planning on a kid yet that is).

Keep your heads up girls and try to refrain from blowing up at your soldiers who aren't there to make you feel better like they'd like to be.

- Angel 

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