Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Missing Your Voice

Sometimes, It's Not Everyday

There are times in your long distance relationships when talking is going to get hard to do. You'll get busy, he'll have work....you'll have work, etc. Those days can be some of the most difficult to deal with. Eventually, one of you will become less busy than the other and begin missing the other a lot. You'll begin to feel the absence of being able to talk to them all the time and it'll really be hard for you. But, the person who is busier will have it even harder.

Right now, my fiancé and I are trading between those roles. I just went back to school (college) and I also have work about four times a week. He often has work for five days a week and works until very late. By the time he gets off work, I'm either out running errands or getting ready for my shift at work. Being five hours apart in time distance also doesn't help the situation. Lately, the person who has been running around more is me and I can see that he's beginning to miss me.

I HATE the fact that I have to tell him that I can't talk at the moment and knowing that he usually falls asleep by the time that I'm able to talk at. Am I blaming him or anyone else? No. I wish that we both weren't so busy and that our schedules weren't so conflicting. I want to be able to talk with him and tell him about my day and the things happening. What else doesn't help? Both of us are sick at the moment. I may or may not (most likely do) have a sinus infection and he's got a seriously bad cold.

Combine our busy schedules and the fact that both of us are sick? You've got a recipe for hurt feelings and worsening feelings in our bodies. My advice for anyone going through this kind of situation is to take a little time if you have it to sit down, relax and talk to your partner. It's going to help so many things trust me on that. It'll make you feel relaxed and you two won't be as likely to have gaps between you two. Missing each others' days is bad enough, but not being able to talk about it with one anther makes it worse.

Don't let yourselves grow apart because of distance and lack of time. MAKE TIME. If you love someone enough, you'll do it and you'll be there for them and they'll be there for you. Right now, neither my fiancé or I have much time but I try every chance I can get to talk to him, even if it's only a few minutes. Little or short time is better than no time at all. It may be hard to only talk for a few minutes and then say goodbye, but trust me it is better than not talking at all.

Make time for your soldier, because there may be a day when they're not going to be there for you to give your time to. I know it's a horrible idea and a hurtful one at that, but it's realistic. You don't want to make regrets when it comes to your soldier, trust me on that. It's easier to miss them now and get a chance to talk to them while you can than to miss them when they're not going to be there at all.

Personally, it's my greatest fear to lose my fiancé during a deployment. Losing my fiancé is my greatest fear and if you're in love with a soldier, you'll know that fear as well. The bottom line? Make as much time with for your soldier and speaking with them anytime you can. It might be a bit difficult sometimes, but trust me, it's worth it. It's worth every second.

- Angel

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